Patient Liaison Group

Patient involvement is essential to all aspects of the NCKDA and informs the process as to whether:

  • The right questions are being asked in the right way?
  • What other questions should be asked ?

The Patient Liaison Group is comprised of up to 10 patient representatives from Local Involvement Networks (LINks) and also national stakeholders.  The National Kidney Federation and the British Kidney Patient Association are represented.  Up to two members of the PLG are also members of the Audit Project Board.

The Patient Liaison Group provides a discussion forum for diverse patient views and gives strategic input into the audit via representation at the Audit Board. Dr Ben Caplin coordinates the Patient Liaison Group meetings. Patient Liaison Group members feed back relevant issues at the local level to the local audit team.

All patient information leaflets, consent forms and patient questionnaires, as well as audit reports are reviewed by the Patient Liaison Group. Our public/patient user(s) check that the overall design of the qualitative arm is suitable for use with patients and are involved in the construction of the questions we use in our interviews.

If you are interested in participating in the PLG please contact us.

The Terms Of Reference are available here.

PLG Minutes

11 Apr 2014