Programme extension

In December 2016 the National CKD Audit was granted a 12 month extension to allow the completion of the linked data reporting element of the National Report.

During this period no additional data will be extracted from practices but the pseudonymised data will be retained by the Academic partners to allow them to complete the required analysis and reporting.

How long is the programme for?

The programme spans over 3 years with the aim of auditing the care of all eligible people over 18 years with CKD.

In early 2014, we invited 440 practices to take part in the pilot. Of this random selection, 151 practices agreed to participate and their feedback has helped to inform the development and functionality of the audit tool. 

At present, we are running the full Audit, with two rounds of data being extracted from participating practices. This data is stratified by nation, region and ethnic mix and adapted for confounding variables e.g. age, sex, comorbidity. The audit results will be published to this website, and reports provided to CCGs and relevant authorities.

Between the two rounds of data collection, participating practices will be encouraged to improve their figures and data quality by using the Quality Improvement tool provided.

From the start, the audit team has worked with Audit Champions nominated by CCGs to help with recruitment of practices and arrangements at local level.

Preparation Phase: Audit set-up and Pilot - COMPLETED

  • Set-up of the audit in general, governance, communications, team structures and terms of reference
  • Working with CCGs, identify Regional Audit Champions, and the most appropriate local communication structure
  • Deploy software in line with recruitment (pilot and full audit groups)
  • Initiate recruitment of practices to sign up for consideration to be involved in the Pilot and for the full Audit
  • Build and run limited test of the audit toolset
  • Confirm practices for the Pilot
  • Run Pilot exercise (small scale model of full audit), with two rounds of data collection
  • Analyse for benefits through the use of the Quality Improvement tool (between the two rounds of audit data collection)
  • Test data linking process
  • Pseudoanonymise the data
  • Test data analysis process
  • Adjust plans for full audit as needed as a result.

Full Audit Phase: Full audit with all participating practices in England and Wales - CURRENT STATUS

  • Initiate Round 1 data collection and initiate use of the Quality Improvement toolset by participating practices
  • Continue with deploying the software to cover all participating practices
  • Collate Round 1 data and feed back to practices
  • Initiate Round 2 data collection and obtain data on CKD management

Analysis and Reporting Phase: Full data linkage and analysis of the audit data, and reporting

  • Link the round 2 data to HES and ONS to add referral and patient outcome
  • Pseudoanonymise the data
  • Analyse the full dataset
  • Feed back the results through Regional Audit Champions, CCGs, and to the public via this website