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The National Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Audit is an exciting three year project which aims to improve the identification and care of patients with CKD, and reflects the significance of CKD as a clinical priority in primary care. 

Why should you participate?

Data collected from this audit will allow a comprehensive report to be built on the prevalence of CKD and allow the smoothing of regional variations in CKD testing and routine management in primary care.  

Participation in the audit will provide practices with key information to support better CKD care. Practices will have access to information on whether people at risk for CKD have been tested, whether all those with evidence of kidney disease have appropriate read codes, and whether patients with CKD have had core elements of care  - as defined by the NICE quality standards.

5 Reasons to Participate:

  1. An accurate CKD code promotes safe prescribing and reduces the risk of Acute Kidney Injury (and therefore of unplanned admission).
  2. The tool assists with the management of CKD in line with NICE guidance.
  3. Accurate community data enables fair commissioning by taking account of people with CKD who have the highest risk for Cardiovascular Disease.
  4. Local data from the audit is readily available to the practice and appropriate for use in appraisal and revalidation.
  5. The English QOF rewards GPs for keeping a CKD register.

How can my practice get involved?

The National CKD Audit is now closed.

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