For Patients

What is Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)?

CKD means that your kidneys are diseased or damaged in some way, or are ageing. As a result, your kidneys may not work as well as they used to and so, the various functions of the kidney can be affected. 

CKD is often associated with other conditions such as heart disease, stroke etc and a person with CKD is vulnerable to acute kidney damage if they get an infection.

It is a serious condition, but there are good treatments that can help slow the disease, particularly the earlier it is detected.

Who is the CKD audit aimed at helping?

The audit is aimed at helping GPs in identifying those with early stage CKD and thus improving the care and management of people with early stages of CKD.  The audit does not look at patients who are already under the care of a specialist kidney doctor or on dialysis; these patient groups are part of other audits and research programmes.  

For people under specialist kidney care the best source of information is at Patient View (formally Renal Patient View) 

What can I do to become involved?

The Patient Liaison Group meets every 6 months in London and if you are interested in joining the PLG please contact us and we will ring or email you to discuss this.

Protecting your data

The data collected by Informatica is based on records held in your GP's computer system and was passed directly to the BMJ for processing.  The data is not taken from, nor sent to, the NHS system; which is run by the HSCIC; but the GP data is linked to Hospital Episode Statistics and mortatlity data.  On this site you can also find more information about the type of data we collect

If you are considering requesting that your data not be used for this audit it is recommended that you discuss this with your local GP.  If you then decide that you wish to 'opt-out' of the audit you will need to do one, or both, of the following:

  1. Ask your GP to mark your local record as opted out.  Then no further data will be shared with us, or any other national audit.
  2. Contact us to request that you opt out the audit.  We will then delete any of your data we hold; but we will need to keep a record of your NHS number to ensure we can delete any data on you we receive in the future.

For more information please see below a list of Patient Resources: 

Patient Leaflet - Best Practice CKD Leaflet

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