What does it measure?

The National CKD Audit aims to measure the management and outcomes for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease in stages 3-5. It will do this by collecting Primary Care data from NHS practices in regions throughout England and Wales. The following key questions will be used based on the NICE CKD guidance:

  • Are patients with risk factors tested for CKD?
  • Are people who have repeated abnormal kidney function values appropriately coded?
  • Measure the number of patients assessed for cardiovasular risk and the numbers receiving cholesterol lowering treatment
  • What percentage of people with CKD received other NICE-recommended key aspects of CKD management applicable in primary care
  • Is there variation of supply/care pathways and is such variation due to patterns of demography of CKD patients?
  • For people with CKD, what are the rates of acute complications (hospitalisation with acute kidney injury, hospitalisation with cardiovascular events, progression of kidney disease, and death)?

For further information on the basis by which audit measures will be calculated please see the Categorisation Method and Variables List.