National CKD Audit National Report (Part 1) Published

The National CKD Audit produced the largest sample of patients with CKD in primary care globally. It has examined how well primary care diagnose and recognise CKD, looked at variation in treatment patterns and developed systems to support improvement in care. There are 3 main recommendations.

Recommendation 1. For people at high risk of CKD, GPs should review practice to ensure that they are including both blood tests for eGFR and urinary testing for albumin to creatinine ratio (ACR).

Recommendation 2. GPs should review practice to improve the coding of patients with CKD.

Recommendation 3. Having identified patients with CKD, effort should be focused on regular review, management of high blood pressure, prescribing cholesterol lowering treatment, and performing vaccinations to improve health outcomes.

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Part 2 of the report, due later in 2017, will use linked primary and secondary care data to report on referrals to secondary care and hospital admissions.