How is data analysed?

Once the two rounds of Primary Care data have been collected and stored in our secure data warehouse, we link it to other datasets which enables us to trace the patient journey on.

Datasets are linked to Secondary Care (HES/PEDW), and Office of National Statistics data. To do this, we use the patient identifiable data (NHS number, postcode, etc).

Once this linkage is complete, we anonymise the data by blocking the identifiable elements, before supplying it to our partner organisations UCL and LSHTM to analyse. Their analysis seeks to address the NICE CKD questions listed here.

This enables trends to be identified, assessment made of data quality, case-mix and underlying population features as well as the validity of existing QOF-data in terms of CKD prevalence.

At the end of this sequence, the results of the audit will be published to the NCKDA Reporting website.  Information on the funnel plots can be found here.

For more details on this process, please download the information sheet below.